About the Artist

Originally trained as in Graphic Designer, because she was told at the art school interview she would enjoy it more than fine art (Errr, thanks for that!), Liesl realised early on that this was not for her, and has explored many different styles and techniques from linear cartoon to photo-realism.

Working predominately in coloured pencil, Liesl developed a technique of delicately embossing layers of pencil to create a smooth, almost photographic image and she exhibited these photo-realistic images in Galleries throughout Victoria and Queensland in her native Australia. Acute tendonitis forced expirimentation with other mediums or techniques and Liesl somehow found herself in London producing, amoungst other things, story boards and advertising illustrations.

After a considerable break, Liesl has returned to the work she has always felt most drawn to... The Portrait. Working primarily in Graphite (although, for those who always ask, she can and does paint) she works with the grain of the paper or board to produce a smoothly graduated surface, and a quality that is photographic - but not too much!

Liesl does not like to sit still much, and is always working on a project. She produces her portraits whilst still plugging away with writing and producing illustrated stories and you can now follow Liesl's art adventures at her patreon page - she would love to hear from you!


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